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"Protect me! Rescue my life from them! Do not let me be disgraced, for in you I take refuge." Psalm 25:20

Our Colorado Mountain Dogs are registered through ARBA, CMDR & CMDA.

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a devoted and reliable sustainer of livestock. They are notably bred for small acreage farming and family-style living. They are less prone to roam and emulate a Breed Standard that requires they be quieter in nature, non-drooling, less aggressive, and display a predictable acceptance of human visitors to the farm.

Hello KY Snowfall of NRW GATE
(ARBA & CMDR registered female - 28" H & 85 lbs - single rear dewclaws)

Snowfall's farm name is Vashti...the name of a Persian Queen shared of in the Bible. It means "beautiful". We had originally thought to use her first given name Beatrix, but upon seeing her I thought Vashti more appropriate for such an exquisite creature.

Ah, this girl. Her gentle, sweet face mirrors her temperament. When she first came, I worried about her as she seemed timid and maybe a little fearful. But she has blossomed. She loves people and bonds tightly. Vashti has been an excellent mother. A gentle girl that favors the laid-back atmosphere found in the bucks' yard...where she has, by her own choice, chose to work.

Vashti has a white coat of medium/long length. Full curled tail. She has striking black, black points which she passes onto her litters. She carries light fawn badger markings that fade early on in progeny. A lean and tall girl with a refined build and features. She has single rear dewclaws. Stately carriage and movement.

(Temporary photo courtesy of Wendy's Barn.)

Picture Pedigree, Extended Pedigree, and OFA test results

Farm Video, In Short Coat, Candid Photo, Working Photo

Blessings Acres Yvaine of NRW GATE
(ARBA, CMDR, & CMDA registered female - 25" H - 27" L & 85 lbs - single rear dewclaws)

Yvaine is spayed now and no longer in our CMD breeding program but she is a sweet girl, wonderful with adults and children, and good with other dogs. She is poultry safe and excels in being an attentive caretaker of goats (young and old). She is not food aggressive. In previous homes she barked more than we like CMDs to, but we have corrected that by not confining her. She is good about staying close to home and is allowed her free range. She takes her job as livestock protector seriously and is a fierce adversary to coyotes and varmints.

Yvaine is smaller in build with a height of 25" at the shoulder and weighing 80 lbs. Her coat is medium/long in length and, carrying no color genetics, is solid white. In full-coat, she carries a full furred curled tail. She has a beautiful head with a kind open expression. Muzzle is graceful and holds a correct scissor bite. Her features are pronounced with the black points of her eyes, nose, and mouth. Her gait is beautifully fluid. She has single dewclaws on her back legs.

Yvaine is an F3 generation CMD and beautifully meets the Standard in type and temperament. Exhibiting the physical and mental health soundness required in our extraordinary breed.

(Shown in almost full coat.)

Yvaine's Picture Pedigree, Extended Pedigree, and OFA test results

Farm Video, In Short Coat, Candid Photo, Working Photo

All of our Colorado Mountain Dog pups have been sold.

Our next litter is planned for Spring 2021.

We prefer our puppies to go to working homes...that is what Colorado Mountain Dogs are bred for and what we are imprinting them with here...however we understand that interest in CMDs has also reached the companion home and because Colorado Mountain Dogs are bred for their temperament with humans, they have also become known to be wonderful family pets. We are open to both kinds of homes.

Our CMD pups will have been wormed, had their first puppy shots, and a wellness checkup before they leave. They will come with their health certificate, health record, picture pedigree, puppy collar, and bag of puppy food they are currently on. All of our puppies are CMDR and ARBA registerable.

SOLD PUPS: Please pick up your pup as soon as you can. We schedule both weekday and weekend appointments. If arrangements are made for pickup at a later date, the buyer is expected to come at the agreed upon time. If there is a postponement on the buyer's part there is a $10.00 a day charge for the care/feed of their puppy/dog. We appreciate your understanding in our need to do this.

DEPOSIT: Deposits are half the purchase price and are non-refundable.

SHIPPING: We do ground and air shipping, but prefer pickup. Shipping/transporting arrangements are made by the buyer. Please understand with each that there are additional fees (ie. Veterinary Health Certificate, crate, etc.). If you would like to ground ship, here is a list of Transporters that come recommended.

To learn more about this extraordinary breed, here is Colorado Mountain Dog Registry's website and Facebook page.

red boy - no rear dewclaws


Picture Pedigree




Picture Pedigree


Make sure your Breeder is registered with Colorado Mountian Dog Registry.