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"that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions." Ezra 8:21b

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Here at Narrow Gate, kids are born in the safety and privacy of one of our birthing suites. We Dam raise, but for those that need to be bottle fed we follow a feeding routine using goat milk. Having sweet friendly does and spending time with them as they raise their little ones proves a gentle trusting temperament in the kids we have to offer. Each one has grown and been socalized in an environment where they have only known kindness from the people around them. Kids not polled are disbudded that first week. CD&T coverage comes in-vitro as we vaccinatate our does the last month of pregnancy. Each goat goes home with a New Owner Notebook containing all their health/pedigree information and registration applications papers. We ask that you please have a good understanding of bottle feeding and raising dairy goat kids so you are prepared for their arrival.

SOLD GOATS: We expect the buyer to make every effort to pick up their goat as soon as they can. We are open to weekday and weekend appointments. If arrangements are made for pickup at a later date, the buyer is expected to be there at the agreed upon time. If there is a postponement on our part there are no additional fees, however, if there is a postponement on the buyer's part there is a $10.00 a day charge for the care/feed of their goat. We thank you for understanding.

BUCK SERVICE: If you purchase a doe from us and would like her bred before she leaves, we are sometimes able to offer buck service before she leaves. Service fees are $100.00 and doe will then be sold as "exposed". Alternately, if you purchase an "open" doe from us and she subsequently kids, the service fee clause continues to apply post-sale. Once fee is recieved we will issue the necessary Service Memo for registering progeny.

DEPOSIT: Deposits are half the purchase price and are non-refundable.

SHIPPING: We do ground and air shipping, but prefer pickup. Shipping/transporting arrangements are made by the buyer. Please understand with each that there are additional fees (ie. Veterinary Health Certificate, crate, etc.). If you would like to ground ship, here is a list of Transporters that come recommended.

Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Black with Abundant White Buckling


Buckling SOLD

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Pebbles is a sweet, friendly, doe. She has a quiet bleat that matches her gentle nature. Lower in the herd hierarchy she very much enjoys human interaction and the company of gentler does/kids. She kidded with ease and was an excellent Mother. She does well on the milk stand and is currently on DHIA Test. She has a super soft udder with nice orifice and teat size for hand-milking. Her udder tilts a bit and she lacks rear udder height and fore/rear udder attachment. A buck, strong in those areas, would be beneficial for over-all udder improvement.

Brown-eyed, Broken Chamiosee Pinto



In milk and on test. Dam udders can be seen here.

Hosanna is a gentle sweet girl. She has kidded twice for us and is an excellent, attentive Mother. She is due the end of April and will be available after that. She is awesome on the milk stand, milks easily with nice size teats and big orifices. We have kept last year's doeling and plan to retain another from this upcoming litter so will offer Hosanna to another farm following. To forgo future repeated breedings she would do better being kept in a breeding pen with a buck for a week rather than maybe hand-breeding.

Blue-eyed, Polled, Red and White Pinto


Dam udders can be seen here.

Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Chocolate Piebald


Offered as a Wether RESERVED

Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Broken Chocolate/Red w/ Moonspots


Offered as a Wether RESERVED

Disbudded, Blue-eyed, Dark Gold and White


Offered as a Wether SOLD

Disbudded, Blue-eyed, Dark Broken Buckskin, w/ Moonspots, White Poll & Frosted Ears


Offered as a Wether SOLD

Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Chocolate and White w/White Poll (Moonspots ?)



Dam udders can be seen for Sire and Dam.

If we don't have what you're looking for, please check out Smiling J Ranch in Ellicott, CO.