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"that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions." Ezra 8:21b

Narrow Gate Nigerian Dwarf is located near Brush, CO.

We Dam raise here at Narrow Gate, but for those that need to be bottle fed we follow a feeding routine using goat milk or whole vitamin D (store-bought) milk.

BE PREPARED: We ask that you please have a good understanding of bottle feeding and raising dairy goat kids so you are well prepared for their arrival.

HERD TESTING: We test annually for CAE and are a disease...Scrapie, TB, Johnes, Brucellosis, CL, and herd.

VACCINATIONS & WORMING: CD&T coverage comes in-utero as we vaccinatate our does the last month of pregnancy. No other vaccines are given to kids. Worming is only done if FEC (fecal egg count) is high. Living in a dry/arid part of Colorado we do not have high worm loads for kids or adults.

SOLD GOATS: We expect the buyer to make every effort to pick up their goat as soon as they can. We are open to weekday and weekend appointments. If arrangements are made for pickup at a later date, the buyer is expected to be there at the agreed upon time. If there is a postponement on our part there are no additional fees, however, if there is a postponement on the buyer's part there is a $10.00 a day charge for the care/feed of their goat. We thank you for understanding.

TRANSPORTING: We do ground shipping, but prefer buyer pickup on a "soon as possible" agreed upon date. For transporting your goat, enclosed crates are a great way of hauling goats home inside your vehile. Please know, panels set-up in the back of your pickup and goats tied to the side are not a safe (or caring) means of transporting goats. If using a Transporter, all arrangements are made by the buyer. Please understand with Transporting Services there may be additional fees (ie. Veterinary Health Certificate, crate, etc.).

CHILDREN & PETS: Well behaved children are always welcome. Please understand, for biosecurity reasons, we do not allow people/children in our barns or pastures. In regards to pets, please leave them at home. We have working dogs and a strange dog (on the premesis they work) will only be a cause for concern. We want this day to be as smooth and stressfree as we can make it. Your new goat will appreciate that.

BUCK SERVICE: If you purchase a doe from us and would like her bred before she leaves, we are sometimes able to offer buck service before she leaves. Service fees are $100.00 and doe will then be sold as "exposed". Alternately, if you purchase an "open" doe from us and she subsequently kids, the service fee clause continues to apply post-sale. Once fee is recieved we will issue the necessary Service Memo for registering progeny.

DEPOSIT: Deposits show earnest intent of purchase. They are half the purchase price and are non-refundable.

REMAINING BALANCE: If wanting to pay on the day of pickup, cash is expected. If paying by check or PayPal, balance should be received 2 weeks before.

GUARANTEES: No further guarantees are expressed or implied. Narrow Gate has no control over the care provided to goats once they leave the farm and therefore is not responsible for their health/well-being once they depart said premises. Additionally, there are no guarantees for show wins or milk stars.

WITHOUT PAPERS: Goats "offered without papers" are pets. It is expected that bucklings be wethered and does/doelings not be used for breeding.

PICTURES: We do not want or allow pictures/video to be taken of us. We know it's an exciting day but please understand and respect our desire for privacy. In regards to goat pics, for those that are reserved or sold we try and send updated photos/video every couple of weeks or as time and opportunity allows.

WHAT WE FEED: Our bucks, does & kids all have 24 hour access to (straight) alfalfa hay. Does/kids are fed Klassie Milk Goat feed each morning and evening. Grain amounts vary according to pasture/weather conditions, and if does are bred/lactating. Does: 1 - 2 cups. Kids: 1/4 - 1/2 cup. Bucks (in bitter cold weather): 1 cup. Both bucks and does also have free access to Ranch-O-Min Goat Mineral in No-Waste PVC Mineral Feeders.

We are taking the 2024 Spring Kidding Season off.

Disbudded, Blue-eyed, Red Piebald


5 yr old (exposed) Doe $650

Narrow Gate Love Unsparing 3*M AR


Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Chocolate Piebald Buckskin w/ White Poll


3 yr old Buck $750

Almar Acres Maine Article


Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Abundant White Piebald Chamoisee w/ White Poll


Bottle Buckling SOLD

Sire and Dam pages.

Disbudded, Brown-eyed, Gold Piebald w/ White Poll


Yearling Doe SOLD

Narrow Gate Knows Me By Heart

Sire and Dam pages.