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"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold." Proverbs 22:1

Welcome to Narrow Gate Nigerian Dwarf

We are located on the plains of North East Colorado and are blessed to raise beautiful, healthy, (ADGA and AGS) registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Our focus is on quality rather than quantity and that objective directs our breeding and care. We test annually for CAE and are a disease...Scrape, TB, Johnes, Brucellosis, CL, and herd. (Results are posted under each Buck/Doe photo.) We're a small farm and our goats have been socialized with the "goings-on" of our family life which include our own children, grand children, cats, dogs, other farm animals, and farm equipment.

Our herdname is registered as NRW GATE (tattoo NRW). We are breeding for show and the milk stand, and are involved in yearly Linear Appraisals and DHIA Milk Testing. Our focus is on producing goats that represent the ADGA and NDGA Breed Standard. Along with type and size, we are striving for high capacious udders that don't disappoint in the milk pail.

If you have happened onto this website and are just starting to think about getting a Nigerian Dwarf, we want to encourage you to "do your homework". Read all you can about dairy goats in general and the Nigerian Dwarf in particular. That way, you are prepared and can decide if it's a good and right breed choice for you and your family.

Other Information

For fun, here are a few pictures around our . We keep our website up to date, but you can also find us on , , and follow me on youtube. For information, and to see what a Linear Appraisal looks like, check out this YouTube video. Please know we are careful not to expose or put our animals to any unnecessary risks, so tours are rarely granted. Of those given, booties are a requirement. For those with casual interest in seeing our facilities, here are pictures of our Bucks' and Does' barns, and video tour of the does'. Also, as we are often asked, here is information on what we feed.
We adhere to a Breeder Code of Ethics with our buyers and peers alike and are members in good standing with , , and. We also stand by and support the National Diary Herd Improvement Code of Ethics with our girls on test. For those interested, here is our business card if you would like to print it out. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page, we hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about who we are and what we do here at Narrow Gate Nigerian Dwarf. For any questions please feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to get back with you.

We want to share two sites for good information of raw milk. Raw Milk Facts and A Campaign for Real Milk, both excellent/trusted rescources for learning about that product that comes with dairy goat ownership.

Finally. It's always interesting to hear where a herdname came from, how it was chosen, the meaning behind it. For us it was wanting to combine our lifestyle with our Faith. Gates are common in farming and ranching. On any given day you'll go through quite a few of them, and with each there's etiquitte and courtesies to follow. But this life holds another gate, and whether a person farms or not each one of us all come to it. Our decision (in what to do with it) decides our eternity. It's neat that Jesus chose an ordinary object to teach about gaining heaven. For that understanding and appreciation, here is the meaning behind the Faith-side of our herdname Narrow Gate, and the verse that holds those words.